Common Scallop


Scallops have a firm and soft flesh, with a sweet and delicate flavour. They can be prepared in many ways, such as grilled, baked, in sauces or salads, and are a popular ingredient in haute cuisine and in the traditional gastronomy of many coastal regions.

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Scallops are a shellfish with a characteristic shape and a high gastronomic value. They are found on the coasts of different parts of the world and have become a highly valued ingredient in international cuisine. Smaller scallops are known as “petoncles” and are often used in haute cuisine dishes.

The shell has a characteristic shape, with a serrated edge and a flat side that is used to present the dish. There are different species of scallops, such as the European scallop, the American scallop or the Japanese scallop.


Medium size

10 to 12 cm


Bivalve molluscs

Scientific name

Pecten maximus (Linnaeus, 1758)
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