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The mussels have a tender texture and an intense, salty taste reminiscent of the sea. They are an important source of high quality protein, B vitamins, iron and other minerals. They are also low in fat and calories, which makes them a very healthy food.

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Mussels are a bivalve mollusc found on coasts all over the world. They are characterised by their dark, elongated shell. In nature, mussels attach themselves to rocks, pillars and other solid substrates by means of filaments called byssus. These filaments are made of a tough protein called Byssus, which allows them to hold tightly to the surface and resist the force of waves and ocean currents.

In addition, mussels can regulate Byssus production according to environmental conditions, which allows them to adapt to different types of substrate and avoid competition with other species. Their diet is based on plankton and other micro-organisms that they filter from the water through their gills.

Medium size

De 5 a 10 cm


Molusco bivalvo.

Scientific name

Mytilus galloprovincialis
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