Surf Clam


The flesh of white clams has a delicate and slightly sweet taste, with a salty touch. Its texture is soft and tender, and may vary slightly depending on size and area of origin.

They can be cooked in many different ways, from simple dishes such as steamed clams or seafood, to more elaborate preparations such as rice dishes or stews.

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  • Fresh


White clams are a highly prized shellfish for their flavour and texture. They are characterised by an oval and elongated shell.

These clams are distinguished from other varieties by their white shells, although they may also have some dark stripes or spots.

Their flesh is slightly pinkish or yellowish in colour, and is found inside their two symmetrical shells.

Medium size

2 to 5 cm


Bivalve mollusks

Scientific name

Spisula solida (Linnaeus,1967)
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